Company information

an introduction about YSS Co., Ltd.

Company overview

Company name YSS Co., LTD
Head office 614-1, Sakayacho, Konan-ku, Niigata-shi, Niigata, Japan (Zip code // 950-0324) [Map]
Date of establishment December 19, 2012
CEO(Representative) Fumiya Yoneda
Capital amount 4 million yen
Business content
  • 1.Trading business in the products mentioned below, wholesale & brokerage business and their agency
    • (1) Machine, industrial electric machine tools, communication apparatus and instruments, robotic devices, food processing machines, specialized software, medical devices, facilities for pollution prevention and sanitation, equipment relevant to conveyances (ships, aircrafts, etc) and their parts as well as raw materials
    • (2) Clothing, other textiles and raw materials
    • (3) Steel, non-ferrous metals, metallic minerals, nonmetallic minerals
    • (4) Stone and wood for building, ceramic raw materials and other building materials
    • (5) Paper, pulp, rubber, leather, office supplies, sporting goods, instruments, household goods, antiques and art works
    • (6) Second-hand machine tools
    • (7) Cutting tools
  • 2.Consulting services on trade-related issues and maintenance of mechatronics, machine tools and industrial electric machine tools
  • 3.All relevant business to the items mentioned above